It happens to all of us. We may have bought that non-fiction book or that self-help book promising to ourselves that we would read it cover to cover and implement the suggestions given in that book for bettering ourselves. But then we read the first few pages and then off it goes into that cupboard or carton and adds to the ever increasing list of books that we have not finished. Is it that we have lost the art of reading books? If so, read further to know how to get back to finishing those ‘unfinished’ books.

1. Make a commitment to yourself – Decide that you will read at least 5-10 minutes daily no matter what and stick to this commitment. It could be before you go to sleep or after dinner or anytime that is convenient.

2. Carry the book with you when you travel out – Sitting in the bus or train gives you ample time to finish off at least 10 pages. You could be commuting to work or visiting your friends or relatives. It also takes your attention away from day-to-day problems and commuter traffic.

3. Buy books that interest you and reflect your personality – While it is definitely good to buy and read books on self-help, you must also remember that we may not be able to implement the suggestions given in these books right away. This might add to our stress. If this is the case, it is better that you read fiction books which reflect your personality. If you are the romantic types, buy a good Danielle Steel book. If you like thrill then a good Sidney Sheldon would do the trick. These might not be masterpieces, but they would at least help you get into the reading habit. Later you can move to reading serious non-fiction.

4. Find a nice place in your home where you can read undisturbed – This could be a nice rocking chair or a reclining sofa where you can curl up your legs and read your book. If you are comfortable reading a book, it adds to the pleasure of reading. There should be no distractions such as television or audio. In fact if possible, keep your cell phone on silent mode while reading.

Happy Reading!

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Lavanya Mehra


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