Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek are one of the coolest couples in town! They started off wih a one night stand, progressed to a 9 year long live-in relationship, and finally tied the knot. What makes them cool is their understanding and sense of humour. Krushna is often seen poking fun at his wife, who is equally sporting in her jokes about him!

Talking to a leading daily, Kashmera revealed that the happy couple is planning to adopt a baby girl. You may recall that Kash and Krushna had twin boys last year, born out of surrogacy. Though the couple are elated to be parents of the twins, they miss having a little girl. So they have decided to add a sweet little baby girl to their happy family.

It is indeed great to see celebrities like these two, and Sunny Leone going out and adopting little girls. We can all learn from these celebrities and rejoice in having baby girls simply because girls are super special!

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Lavanya Mehra


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