When it comes to melting away those stubborn love handles, there are 2 main exercises that help. A burpee is the simplest aerobic way to burn calories and lose weight. So a daily round of 10 burpees, that is slowly increased to 20, can be the best workout for your body.

If you do planks in addition to the burpees, you are sorted. Start by holding a forearm plank for 30 seconds. After a week, increase it to 40 and thereby slowly increase by 10 seconds every few days. The plank is a great way to tone and sculpt your body. It engages the abdominals in your core and flexes the whole body. Anybody looking to become fitter should definitely try planks, especially for those pesky love handles!

Support your exercise regimen with a healthy nutritious diet. Give up excess fatty and sweet food and eat wholesome nutritious food only!

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