Most of us tend to gain weight during the winters. The reason is that we crave high calorie hot food items during the lean months. The winter also causes many people to suffer poor health due to colds and coughs for 2-3 months. So it is very important to eat food that gives you satisfaction, energy, and immunity against disease. So here’s a list of the top foods that protect you against colds and yet give you the satisfaction of yumminess without making you fat!

Foods That Are Yummy, Non-Fattening, and Enhance Immunity

– Nuts and Seeds: If your grandparents start chewing on almonds and cashews in November, it is for a very valid reason. Nuts are calorie dense and provide protection against diseases.

– Colorful Vegetables: Vegetables are high in nutrients and aplenty in winters. If you wish to benefit from their protective properties, try to include veggies of at least 3 colors in your diet every day. If you don’t like raw veggies or sabzis, try using them in pasta and sandwiches.

– Soup: What’s better than soup when it comes to driving away the cold? Chicken soup for non vegetarians, and tomato/vegetable soup for the vegetarians….all the options are yummy and warm!

– Eggs: Start your day with eggs in any form during the winter months. Eggs are  agreat source of protein and help in regulating your metabolism.

– Citrus Fruit: Ornages and limes are great snacks for a winter afternoon. Citrus fruit provides vitamins and helps the body in increasing its immunity.

Though we know that it is a sin to not enjoy gajar ka halwa and moong dal ka halwa in the winters, try and control the urge to a reasonable level. Choose from the healthier options above to make your winters delicious and healthy!

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