India is one country where we do not really have a proper spring season to enjoy. The winters are hardly gone, and the summer is right here ready to kill us with the heat and humidity. Almost all parts of our country witness very hot and lengthy summers. So we bring you a list of foods that you must stock up on this summer. These foods have many health benefits, the common factor being that they all help the body in cooling down even in very hot summers. These natural foods will provide your body more relief from summer problems than your air conditioners and fans. So copy the list and stock up!

Foods For Summers

– Amla (Gooseberries)- Even Swami Ramdev will agree with this.

– Watermelons

– Chaach (Buttermilk)- Add ground/roasted cumin seeds and rock salt for extra taste and benefits.

– Aam Panna- Again add roasted cumin and rock salt for extra taste and benefits.

– Peaches

– Cardamom- Another reason to indulge in your favorite elaichi-chai or cold elaichi-milk.

– Bhutta (Corm)

– Oranges, Lemons and other citrust fruit.

Have a few of these items every day and you will find that your body is protected against the anti-ageing and damaging effects of the harsh Indian summers.

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Lavanya Mehra


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