With so much health related information everywhere, we all feel inspired. We read healthy lifestyle tips on Whatsapp, we follow fitness trends on Instagram and we watch celebrities acing their workouts in videos. We feel inspired and we start following a healthy lifestyle, expecting to lose weight and look fitter. But often we do not get the results we expected…why?

Do you eat healthy, exercise regularly, and still not achieve your weight loss goals?

– One reason is not knowing how much to eat. Eating healthy foods is not an excuse to eat unlimited portions. This is one big reason why eating healthy does not translate into weight loss.

– Following a boring standard workout regimen is another reason your body is not making any progress towards weight loss goals. If you keep doing same exercises over and over, your body does not feel challenged. Challenge yourself with a variety in your workouts.

– Do not reward yourself for a gruelling workout or a tough dieting regimen – with food!

– Avoid going crazy over food products labelled ‘fat free’. Most of these products are highly processed and rich in sugar.

– Eating salad is great, but only if you do not make it calorie dense with fatty dressings and add a load of salt!

Now you  know why your healthy lifestyle is not reaping you any rewards!


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Lavanya Mehra


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