We have all been obsessed with losing weight and looking hot for a very long time. Anyone who is a few kilos overweight is seen as unattractive and unworthy. We are all trying to fit ourselves into the mold of attractiveness created by insecure actors and models. In our obsession with being ‘slim’ we have totally forgotten about being healthy. We are trying new diets every month with the goal of seeing reducing numbers on the scale, but what about health, nutrition and fitness?

It is important to take a step back from whatever you are doing to lose weight or be healthy, and think about the long term effects on your health. Is giving up carbs good for you in the long term? Are you becoming fitter by skipping meals every day? Is your losing a few kilos actually making you healthier and fitter? Is your body strong enough to last you close to a 100 years?

If the ultimate goal is to be healthy and live a long life, you need to change your short term goals and strategies. Losing weight is not the goal. The goal is to make yourself strong and fit, and to live a long healthy life. Healthy, well balanced nutritious meals will provide you with good health. Eat less, but eat nutritious meals. Say no to junk food and restrictive diets. Strength based workouts will make you fitter and stronger. Sleep well and cut out stress from your life. Meditate, relax and learn to take things easy. These are the health mantras you should be after. Weight loss may be a side effect!

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