One of the popular diets these days is the Gluten Free diet. After some celebrity endorsements and looking at some material online, a lot of people have started eating gluten free food. In the West, this diet is so popular that gluten free food options are available on every menu, on every store shelf and in every eatery. But is this diet really any good for you?

What is Gluten? Gluten is the term given to storage proteins found in various grains. Going gluten free means giving up your favorite grains like Wheat completely. Increasingly, gluten free is being seen as a healthier lifestyle. But is there any scientific logic behind this? Probably not.

In fact, different studies have shown that consumption of wheat fibre is linked with lower triglycerides and better control over cholestrol. It is good for your cardio-vascular health!

Experts say that Gluten Free diet is advisable only for those people who have a gluten allergy i.e. Celiac Disease. If you do not suffer from this disease, enjoy your rotis and parathas! The only real key to good health is eating wholesome nutritious food and getting regular exercise. Fad diets can only give you a false sense of good health.

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Lavanya Mehra


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