There is a lot of awareness about health and fitness today and you will find lots of women working out in parks, gyms, yoga classes, aerobics classes etc. A lot of women still prefer to work at home. Yes, we are all investing time in ur health by trying to get regular exercise. But one thing we are not doing is take care of our breasts while we exercise. Experts say that a sports bra is the most important exercise gear any woman needs. Do you have one?

Why Do You Need A Sports Bra?

Our breasts are mostly just fat held together by thin skin and some ligaments called the Cooper’s ligaments. When we exercise, our breasts tend to jump up and down (8.5 cm) and this motion causes the Cooper’s ligaments to stretch and elongate permanently. This is what we commonly know as breast sagging, which is mostly permanent damage! All this can be easily avoided just by wearing protective gear – the sports bra. A regular bra can reduce the motion by 35% and a sports bra can reduce this motion by 55% which is why it is much more effective!

There are two types of sports bras. The first kind crushes your breasts and holds them flat against your chest. The second one holds the breast tissue together more like a regular bra. You might think that you have a smaller bust and can do without a sports bra. But experts say that even a small size like 34A needs the protection of a sports bra.

So make sure you invest in a good quality sports bra – even if you have to scrimp and save on other expenses!

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