Many of us working women tend to avoid going out for a lunch. After all, lunch can be eaten at the desk, while catching up with work! Right? Though working while eating may score you some brownie points with the boss, you are really indulging in one of the worst eating habits in the corporate world! Eating at your desk is not as unharmful as you probably think. Here’s why:

Why You Should Not Eat At Your Desk
1. Your desk is home to many germs and you ingest them when you eat there. Do you ever disinfect your desk? When you eat anything at your desk, you add to the pool of germs that are already there.
2. Your digestive system does not work optimally when you work while eating. This is because precious oxygen is diverted to brain and the digestive system cannot work at optimal levels.
3. You tend to eat more at your desk while working. This is because when we multitask, we usually end up eating mindlessly and miss the signals from brain that tell us we are full. Slowly this turns into a habit of overeating.
4. If you make a habit of eating at your desk, you miss out on stepping out of the office for even a few minutes. This affects your posture, and also affects your body shape. You have chosen a sedentary lifestyle that will  undoubtedly lead towards piling on of the kilos in the long run!

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