For an overweight person, “eat more-weigh less” sounds too good to be true. It is like a fantasy that cannot be true. Or can it?

It is indeed possible to lose weight without having to go hungry. For decades, women have starved themselves to fit into a particular blouse or look like a particular starlet. But they really need not. The first principle of sensible eating is not to starve yourself. So how can one lose weight by eating more?

It is very simple. Just change what you eat. If you eat two chapatis for lunch and still feel a little hungry, you can apply the eat more-weight less funda to your lunch and give it a sexy makeover. Substitute one of your chapatis for a bowl full of lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. Not only have you reduced your calorie intake, you will also feel a lot fuller.

The basic fund is to change your diet and eat more of those foodstuffs that are rich in fibre and water content. These foods will fill you up properly, but are not very calorie dense, so you can lose a little weight by substituting your regular meals with such items.

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