If you are trying to lose weight, fiber can be your best friend! Eating a fiber rich diet helps in maintaining energy levels, reducing hunger pangs and needless snacking, and also maintains regularity of the digestive tract. Fiber also feeds the gut bacteria in your body. These bacteria feed off on soluble fiber and convert it into usable energy.

These all little ways help in losing weight!

Here is how you can include more fiber in your daily diet.

– Include Avocado in your daily diet. Use avocado as the spread on your toast, add it in dips and make it a part of your salads!

– Eat a fistfull of almonds every day.

– Keep bome boiled beans and chickpeas stocked in your fridge. Use these protein and fiber powerhouses in your salads, add them to your pasta, pop some into your rice dish and use them at every other possible opportunity.

– For breakfast, try overnight oats. Soak them in milk, add a dash of chia seeds and pumpkin seeds and leave overnight. In the morning, just add some choped berries or banana and enjoy!

– If you like dips like Guacamole and Hummus, try dipping carrots, onions and cucumber instead of dipping chips.

– Eat fresh seasonal fruit instead of drinking juice.

With these tips, you should be able to get 25 grams of fiber every day!

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