High salt intake is associate with high blood pressure and other diseases. So doctors recommend that we should all follow a low sodium diet to keep hypertension at bay. But most people who are diagnosed with high BP, and recommended low salt intake, find it overwhelming to completely retrain their taste buds. It’s just like getting used to a sugar-free diet if you are a diabetic. But there are clever ways to cut Sodium out from your diet without compromising too much on the taste of your food.

Easy Ways to Cut Sodium Intake

– Never add salt to your salad. Eat salads without any dressing. This is easy and does not take too much getting used to!

– Avoid eating raitas as they have salt. Eat fresh plain and unsalted curds instead!

– Say no to food items that come out of a packet because they are laden with salt. So gravies, soups, readymade meals etc should be strictly avoided.

– Avoid pickles and sauces like mayonaisse. These are laden with salt!

– When buying peanuts, roasted chana or nuts for snacking, make sure you buy the unsalted variety.

– Do not keep the salt shaker on your table. Out of sight, out of mind!

– Try to reduce your family’s intake of salt by reucing the amount in your food little by little over time. It works!

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