Being vegetarian or vegan is great! You show your sympathy for the animals and the environment and this is really a very good thing. But often we find that vegetarians do not take care of their nutrition very well. This is not the result of any carelesness. There is a baic problem with the Vegetarian diet – if you do not watch your meals properly, you will end up eating Carbohydrate heavy meals which are low in Protein content.

So if you are a vegetarian, you need to watch out for 2 things in your meals.

– Does your meal offer a generoud dose or protein?

– If your meal too carbohydrate heavy?

The simple method of reducing your carb intake is to replace it with good fats and protein. Fill up your plate with a lot of vegetables, a good amount of protein and a smaller portion of carbs. This is a good way of eating balanced meals. So if you plan and cook the family meals, it is your responsibility to ensure that every meal has a protein dish. So try to have one dal/chana/beans or paneer dish included in your meals. Try to eat multigrain atta so that your rotis give the benefits of more than one grain. Include tofu and dairy in your diet generously.

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