It is a well known fact that we lead very sedentary lives as compared to the early man. To make matters worse, we eat much worse as well. Our diet and lifestyle are far from the natural way of life that God had intended for us. The result is high incidence of lifestyle related diseases like obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and infertility. The only thing that can save us is taking care of our bodies and keeping in shape.

Remember how hard it was to exercise and stay in shape during the summers? Well, now that the winters are here, it has become even harder for most people to work out and keep in shape. The motivation required to exercise is now a gazillion times more than what is required in summers.

Reasons Why People Gain Weight In Winters

• Few people continue with their morning walks. In fact, most people find themselves reaching office later than their usual time! Getting out the bed is a Herculean task and requires great motivation.

Blankets, bed, sofa, couch…everything cozy and comfortable suddenly acquires an inexplicable attractiveness. As soon as you are home, you want to get in and become warm! And once you are in the blankets, it’s hard to get out again.

Comfort food acquires a completely new meaning. High calorie food is the order of the day. All things hot and energizing become top favorites. Gajar ka halwa, moong ki dal ka halwa, chole bhature, omelettes, fried chicken, kachoris, samosas…everything you eat in the winters only adds to the flab!

Metabolism also slows down in winters. Reduced levels of activity and increased levels of calorie intake, combined with a slow metabolism give you a few extra kilos!

What Can You Do?

• If you want something sweet, try to stick with winter sweets made from jaggery. There’s so much Gachak and peanuts around. Peanuts are a good source of nutrients and LDL, the good cholesterol. Similarly, jaggery isn’t half as bad as sugar.

• If going for a walk seems like a huge task, bring home some activity. Sprint up and down the staircase 5-10 times. Get a treadmill. Spend a lot of time cleaning the house, vaccuming etc. Anything that increases the heart rate will count.

• Walk to work and/or on your way back home. If the distance is too long, you can walk part of the way.

• Try to enlist your partner, a friend, a cousin, or even your mom for the daily activity that you choose. Playing a game like badminton or tennis, or a walk in the evening can be good enough. If you are at home in the afternoons, go to the park and soak in the sun for an hour. While you are at it, you can jog or walk for half an hour.

• Write down 5 goals for your body to achieve in these lazy months. Goals can be related to weight, or appearance, or frequency of working out, or anything else you can think of. Paste this paper on your mirror, or over your desk.

• Gorge on all the fruit and vegetables available in markets at this time of the year. Eat all the colorful stuff and you will get a daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

• Winters are the soup time. So cut down on the carbs at dinner time, and substitute with salads and soups.

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