A large percentage of the wrld’s population is struggling with weight issues, and most of them are women. while many people actually have to fight the battle of bulge, many people just imagine themselves to be over weight. Nevertheless, medical experts say that a healthy weight is the key to good health. Conversely, obesity is the root cause of most health problems, especially thle metabolic issues like Diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Regular monitoring of weight is good, but it is not very useful to become obsessed with your weight, because the weighing machine can often tell lies.

Lies that Scales Tell

You jump onto the scales every morning, after every workout, after every big meal etc. Yes you are obsessed with what is just a number. The scales may give an accurate measurement of your weight, but it is not telling the complete truth.

– Overnight gain is one lie the machine tells you. You can neither gain nor lose 2 pounds overnight. So how does that happen? This happens when you have not had enough water and the mody is storing water, or when you are menstruating, or when your body stores excess water due to too much salt in your diet.

– You exercise everyday, but the number goes up instead of coming down. This happens because muscle tissue is more dense than fat, so it is heavier. When you burn fat and build muscle, you begin to slim down but the number on your machine tells another story!

– BMI tells you how healthy you are, is another lie. The BMI does measure how heavy you are vis-a-vis your height. But it does not consider the composition on your body. Two people can have the same height, weight and BMI, but they can be totally different healthwise. One can be fat and the other can be very muscular. So the BMI does not really tell you exactly how healthy you are.

The weighing machine is only meant to be an indication of your health, it does not give absolute results. It is not intended to be used to track weight a few times a day. If you feel active, have good numbers on the BP, cholestrol, blood sugar etc, your weight is not that important. Stop obsessing about your weight, and focus on being healthy and happy!

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