We read about the harmful effects of modern living every day. Our friends send us whatsapp messages about how technology is ruining life; we ourselves often share posts on FB about this topic. But how many of us actually do anything about it? Even if you read about how technology is killing your social or personal  life, would you stop using it? Naah!

So today we bring you a different perspective. We will tell you what happens to your body and mind when you don’t get adequate sleep.

Effect of Inadequate Sleep on Your Body and Mind

– You become irritable.

– You become forgetful.

– Your body starts to gain weight.

– Your skin begins to age faster.

– Your vision begins to be compromised.

– Your body becomes slow in responsding to situations.

– Delayed response time of your body makes you prone to accidents!

– Your mind finds it hard to focus, you experience brain fog.

– You try to make up for lost sleep, falling into a tight insomnia cycle.

– Ultimately, you realize all above things and become depressed!

Losing a few hours of sleep watching Netflix or exploring social media in the night seems quite harmles, right? But it is not. Once you fall into this habit, your body starts reacting by being sluggish in the day. Then you try to make up for lost sleep by waking up late or taking an afternoon nap. This makes it even more difficult to enjoy a proper night’s sleep. Thus you become an insomniac.

Our elders were completely right when they said, “Early to bed, early to rise;Makes man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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