Heart disease has become very common in our country. Increasingly, women are also falling prey to this disease due to a change in our lifestyles. As more and more women pursue careers, the activity levels are going down and we are all becoming susceptible to this silent killer. But do you know what are the symptoms of a heart attack, especially in women? If someone around you is having a heart attack, how will you be able to help unless you know?

Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Women

1. Chest Pain and Discomfort

2. Pain in Forearms, Jaw, Neck or Back

3. Nausea or Lightheadedness

4. Stomach Ache or Discomfot

5. Tiredness or Shortness of Breath

6. Sweating

Whenever someone shows a few of these symptoms, a visit to the doctor can be a life saver. What you must do meanwhile is give her an aspirin.

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