We have always known that cucumbers are a dieter’s best friend. With just 12-15 calories in a cucumber, they are easily one of the world’s favorite lowe calorie snack. But they are good for you in other ways too. Do you know how?

Benefits of Cucumbers

1. Help in controlling blood sugar and hypertension. Cucumbers promote insuline production in the  body, hence regulating your blood sugar levels. They also contain good amounts of Potassium and Magnesium, which help in controlling blood pressure.

2. Cucumbers are great for your skin. This is why even beauty saloons use them in various packs etc. There is nothing like a cool slice of cucumber over your eyes that helps with tired or puffy eyes.

3. They even promote hair growth! Silicon and Sulfur in this humble vegetable helps in promoting hair growth naturally.

4. Cucumbers are great for digestion and elimination. The huge amount of fiber in cucumbers helps in regulation of digestive and elimination functions of the body.

5. High in Vitamins. Cucumbers are very high in Vitamin B and Vitamin C.

6. Prevent dehydration. This is quite obvious since we know that cucumbers are 95% water!

7. Cucumbers contain pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and secoisolariciresinol, which are known to help in fighting cancers. A diet rich in cucumbers will help you prevent various cancers including breast cancer, ovarian cancer and even prostate cancer.

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