Winters are great, especially for us women folk who need to lose a few kilos here and there. In the winters, we can dress ourselves with layers of pretty clothes and hide the flab behind those big curtains. The cold air makes you stuff yourself up with those yummy comfort foods of winter. You enjoy being warm and cosy with your loved ones in your home, right? But there is a downside to all this cosy yummy winter time. You end up gaining weight!

A lot of women complain that they did nothing wrong, yet they gained a few pounds over the winter. One of the reasons is that the weight gain is not so visible to you or to others under those layers of warm clothing. So you never really know till it’s too late. Then the food is calories rich and working out is at its minimum.

How to Not Gain Weight in Winters

– Set realistic goals right at the beginning of the winter time. If you promise to never eat gajar ka halwa or another gulab jamun, that’s not really going to happen. So it is better to be realistic about your goals. Promise yourself to not exceed one serving of your favorite sweets every week. Similarly, try to set goals about going for a walk at least 5 times a week etc.

– Watch the drinks! Most of us don’t count our drinks when we cunt calories. But the fact is that every Latte or cup of tea you drink adds up to your calorie consumption.

– Drink plenty of water. Winter time is such that we don’t often feel hungry, so you need to remind yourself to get a drink every now and then.

– Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. This will boost your immunity, keep you full and not make you go overboard with calories.

– Restrict the yummy fried snacks. Everyone loves pakoras and samosas in the cold months. But you have to make sure you don’t overdo it.

– Eat soup with your food. A bowl of soup will fill you up nicely, so you will have less room to eat other stuff. It will also keep you warm!

These tips should help you in staying slim during the lean months!

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