We all know that the Japanese are very beautiful and healthy. They have flawless skin, gorgeous hair, and usually live long. What makes them so lovely and blessed with good health? Here are some diet tips from Japan that will answer this question.

Diet Tips From Japan

1. Eat small portion sizes. Small and frequest meals, isn’t that always advised by nutritionists all over the world? This is the food culture of Japan!

2. Ear a variety of colourful foods. Just take a look at any Bento box and you will see such lovely colours and designs. The Japanese stress beauty in food.

3. Drink Green tea. Japanese consume lots of green tea to aid digestion  and provide them with antioxidants.

4. Fruit for dessert. Fresh seasonal fruit is the most popular dessert in Japan.

5. Go soy! Orientals, including the Japanese consume a lot of soy products including soy milk and tofu. It’s high in protein and low in carbs and also provides many essential vitamins.

6. Eat fish. The Japanese focus more on fish and less on meat, when eating non vegetarian food.

7. Go veg. They may not be vegetarians, but they will usually eat at least 5 types of vegetables for every meal.

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