It is normal for anyone sitting in a car to reach out for the bottle of water when they feel thirsty. But did you know that you should drink only from a fresh bottle of water in a car? If you left a bottle of water in your car yesterday afternoon, you should not be drinking from it today!

If you have ever drunk water from a bottle that has been in the car for more than a day, you probably agree that the water tasted a little funny, right? The weird taste in that water is actually the taste of plastic. When exposed to high temperatures, the plastic of bottle leeches out into the water and then finds its way into your body when you drink that water!

You might ask why you don’t see any holes in the bottle. Think about the time you make your tea. If you add tea leaves to a cold water jug, would the water turn as fragrant and flavourful as it would if it were hot? No. High temperatures makes it easy for molecules to slip out of their place in an object and mix around. This is why when the bottle and water in it are exposed to high temperatures, the plastic molecules are freed and enter the water without making any obvious holes.

So be careful about what kind of water you and your family are drinking when on the road. A good solution is to keep a steel or glass bottle in your car.

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Lavanya Mehra


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