The concept of Immortality is not new or alien to our culture. We have heard many mythological stories of people who became immortal due to their deeds or were given the gift of immortality by God. But the concept has always seemed made-up and impossible. We have never really believed that any human being can be immortal! Challenging this popular belief are some modern day billionaires.

When you have a few billion dollars in that bank, it is unlikely that you wish to die any time soon! Many billionaires around the world are exploring the concepts of immortality and anti-ageing. One notable name is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Like everyone else, Jeff neither wants to get old nor wants to die! So he has provided funding to a company called Altos Labs, a company dedicated to research into immortality. What’s more, this is not the only company funded by Bezos that is exploring immortality. Jeff Bezos is motivated enough to fund a few different companies that are researching defying age and end of life!

Do you think it is possible? If it is possible, is it really a good thing? Can mother earth support countless number of people that refuse to die but continue to reproduce?

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