You must have heard from someone in your social circle that they went on a detox diet and that it was amazing. Did it prompt you to google detox diets and find out more about the benefits? A lot of people are following diet fads today without knowing much about them. The same thing is happening with detox diets. Are you considering trying a diet detox?

Should You or Should You Not?

The main answer to this question lies in finding out your goals. What are you trying to achieve?

Many people think that since detox diet is a ‘diet’, it will help them lose weight. Without further thought, they start doing a detox. Does it work? Nah! The simple reason is that detox diet is exactly that – it will detox your body. Our body is constantly bombarded with toxins – from the food we eat, the drinks we enjoy, the cosmetics we use etc. These toxins are harmful chemicals that can make us sick. This is why, it can be a good idea to try a detox diet and get rid of the toxins. We cannot really flush out all the toxins, but even if we flush out some of them, it is beneficial.

Further, here are a few points to consider:

– Most detox diets are water (and liquids like juice) based diets. You may not be allowed to eat anything.

– Some diets will ask that you eat nothing but fruit.

– You will have to stick with the diet for at least 7 days to enjoy any benefits.

– You may lose weight, but it will be very temporary. You will gain it all back as soon as  you start eating normal food.

– Detox diets are known to reduce metabolic rate. This means, you will probably gain more weight than you lost!

If you planned to try a detox diet, think about all these points and take an informed decision.

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Lavanya Mehra


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