The number of new cases in Delhi is now at 1100 and the positivity rate is 1.5 down from a positivity rate of over 30 and 28000 new cases on April 20. As the daily number of new cases and positivity rate continues to gradually fall, Delhi CM has announced that it is now time to open. The D Date has been set for May 31 at 5:00 am. But opening Delhi does not mean you can go back to living your life from 2 years ago!

The CM has indicated that Delhi will open ‘gradually’ and this is the keyword here. The opening will begin with resuming of construction and manufacturing activities. So the factories and construction will open before all other commercial activity. The CM said that this decision has been taken in consideration for migrant workers who have been affected the most due to lack of jobs and income. The CM further said that new relaxations would be announced every week if the downward trend of new COVID cases continues. However, if the cases begin to rise, lockdown would be imposed again.

The CM implored people to continue taking all precautions, “Every week from now on, we will reopen and allow a few activities. If cases start to rise, we will have to lockdown again, so please be careful. Lockdown is not something good, we don’t want it, neither do you. Please follow Covid-appropriate behaviour.”

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