A sedentary lifestyle is the cause of many lifestyle diseases, and obesity is just the first one! We all love to just relax on the couch and enjoy watching our favorite TV shows or sports. But it is this ‘relaxing on the couch’ that is making us all unhealthy and ill! The worst part is that our children are slowly learning to be sedentary and inactive too!

Health Effects of a Sedentary Life

– Physical inactivity is related with poor hearth health and lifestyle diseases like obesity.

– It contributes of hypertension and poor heart health.

– Sedentary lifestyle is also known to be a risk factor for certain types of cancer.

– It affects bone density and muscle mass too!

– It can be a cause for spiralling Cholestrol levels too!

– Since it makes you overweight, a sedentary lifestyle also causes infertility.

– Inactivity is also linked with depression and anxiety.

As you see, almost all common modern day health problems are related to a sedentary lifestyle in some way! So it is important that we all lead active lives. If sitting is a part of your job, make sure you keep getting up and moving around a little after every 2 hours. Try to reduce the time you spend on that beloved couch. Make plans with friends and family to go out and be active! You will be amazed by the transformation you see after a few months.

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