You mut have noticed that since last few years, the focus on health, fitness and nutrition has suddenly amplified. Everyone is posting pictures of their 6 pack abs or healthy dishes on their Instagram, everyone wants to be lean and everyone is trying to eat healthy. In this wave of fitnes and nutrition, we have somehow been led to believe that exotic food items and dishes are the way to be healthy. We have looked at so many viral recipes and dishe now that simple home made food is no longer attractive to anyone. If you tell youngsters today that dal-chawal is good for health, they will probably not believe you!

Is Dal Chawal Good for Health?

Yes, it most certainly is. If people are telling you that rice is poison because it is loaded with carbs, do not believe this. Remember, generations before u have eaten dal-chawal and sabzi-roti as the staple diet. The Carbs in this humble diet were never any problem for them. They were all healthy and mostly disease free. It is our sedentary lifestyles that is the problem and we are trying to find fault with our traditional diet.

Nutritionists agree that dal-rice is a great combo. It gives you a balanced amount of carbs and protein. What’s more, this dish will provide yu all the essential Amino acids that you need. Dal and rice complement each other because neither of them has all essential Amino acids but together they do! Top it with a spoonful of ghee and you have made it a perfect dish. The fat in ghee is useful in absorption of all the nutrients in this dish. A tadka of jeera and hing will provide all the taste you need. This comfort food is not only yummy and comforting but also very good for health!

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