The number of new cases in Mumbai is on the rise once again. Experts fear that we may be on the brink of yet another COVID19 wave. Do you ever wonder why the number of cases is always high in big metropolitan cities? Population, of course, is the main reason behind this fact. But the way we accommodate our large population in metros is also a major factor!

If you live in an apartment complex in big city, you should definitely be more careful because you are at a higher risk of contracting COVID19. When you live in close proximity with a high number of people outside your own household, chances of a spread are very high. But basic hygiene habits can go a long way in keeping you safe.

Wash hands with soap as soon as you enter your apartment unit. Make this a rule for all family members.

As far as possible, avoid the use use of common areas like gym or recreation room etc.

Wipe the surface of your unit’s door, doorknob, elevator buttons, elevator door, light switches outside your unit, staircase railing etc regularly. Use a good quality disinfectant to wipe these surfaces or use bleach for this job. These are the surfaces that many people touch all day and this is where the virus spreads from.

Wear a mask even when talking to a neighbor or to the watchman. Be careful, always.

You need to take extra care with your children. It is not possible to keep them indoors all the time, so practice good hygiene habits to keep them safe.

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