As the Coronavirus count in India climbs past 200,000, people now ask when will the pandemic reach its peak in our country. People are tired of battling the pandemic and want to know when will it all end. Though CoronaVirus may never really go away, we can still hope to reach a peak and see a downfall thereon. Other countries have already seen the peak and new cases continue to climb down, making way for things to normalize.

Experts say India still has several weeks of increasing cases to witness before we reach the peak. It could be end of June or even sometime in July. What this means is that we still need to be extremely cautious in our approach. People have begun to go to their workplaces and markets now. But the best strategy to prevent falling sick is to assume that everyone you see or meet outside your home has the Coronavirus! When you make this assumption, you will definitely be more vigilant and careful. Keep washing those hands, keep cleaning things. Together we can do this…

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