Headache is the most common health ailment across the world and everyone has had a headache a few times in their lives. A headache now and then is not a very big deal for most people. But sometimes headaches can be a serious cause for concern. This is when the pain is very sharp and refuses to go away.

Here are a few reasons why heads ache!

Stress: Believe it or not, your stress can really manifest in a nagging headache. These headaches can usually be treated with aspirin.

Migraine: A lot of people, especially women, are prone to migraines. Migraine episodes are usually long and very painful. If you suffer from migraines, your doctor may be able to prescribe medication to help relieve the pain.

Colds: If you have an allergy or a cold, it may also give you a dull but persistent headache. Allergy medicine to relieve the root cause will be useful in treating this heaache, along with plenty of rest.

Caffeine Withdrawal: If you are used to drinking a cup of strong coffee every mornig, you will get a bad headache if you miss your morning cuppa on one day. The only way to prevent is to either not be addicted to caffeine or to get your daily fix!

Hypertension: If you have high blood pressure, it may give you a headache. This is usally serious and should be immediately examined and treated by a doctor. Hypertension headaches are usually accompanied with chest pain. shortness of breath, nosebleeds and tingling sensations.

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