There is a lot of research focussed on increasing longevity of the human population. We all would really like to live a very long life. In fact, we would never die if we had the choice. But even living to the ripe old age of 115+ is a very attractive prospect! So today we bring you a brief description of the diets followed by people who lived for more than 110 years.

Violet Brown is the oldest living person in the world. She is in her 118th year. What does she eat? She eats fish, mutton and locally grown fresh produce like sweet potatoes, oranges and mangoes. 

Nabi Tajima is the second oldest living person. She is from Japan and is in her 117th year. She eats Ramen noodles and rice mackarel sushi. She says the secret of her longevity is eating delicious things and sleeping well.

Dharampal Singh Gudha from Meerut cliams to be 119 years old, but it is said that this is not his exact age. Nevertheless, he is one of the oldest living people. He avoids sugar, fats and caffeine. He drinks cow milk and eats plenty of fresh seasonal fruit and home made chutneys.

Adele Dunlap from New Jersey diet at the age of 114. The one food she loved to eat is oatmeal!

Yisrael Kristal is the ninth oldest person alive and he eats pickled fish everyday. The oldest yoga teacher in the world is 98 years old Tao Porchon-Lynch. She is a vegetarian but sometimes eats lobster and shrimp. She loves to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

What is the common factor here? Did you notice that none of these people has mentioned liking pizza, cheese, soft drinks etc. All these people eat natural wholesome food, the important word being ‘fresh’. So if you would like to live a long as these folks, try to change your diet and eat fresh, nutritious and wholesome food everyday!


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