There’s a reason why some people are fit and some are not. The simple reason is that some of us take fitness seriously and treat it as a way of life. But others think of fitness as a difficult task that needs to be done, hence they make excuses to get out of doing the task!

Here are some common excuses people make for remaining unfit and unhealthy. 

1. Gym memberships is expensive. Fitness does not require a gym membership. Just go to a park and jog away your extra flab!

2. Lack of a trainer. Youtube has gazillions of fitness videos these days, so just log on and train yourself.

3. Lack of time. This is the most common and also the most lame excuse. All you need to do is wake up 30 minutes before your usual time, and you can easily sneak in a little morning workout!

4. It doesn’t work for you! Many women give this excuse as if they have tried fitness training for years. If you keep going at it, there’s no way it won’t work.

How many of these excuses do you make?

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Lavanya Mehra


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