I read somewhere a startling statistic that is bound to have you jumping out of your chair. Over half of all the first-time heart attacks occur between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Monday mornings! Isn’t that such an appalling bit of statistic? You probably hate Mondays even more now. In India we call it somvaar ka sardard.

But it’s not Monday’s fault that people are unhappy on the very first day of the week! It is our fault that we have sectioned off the week into the weekdays and the weekend. We have developed this thinking that weekdays are for working your butt off, and weekends are for partying your brains out! It is this attitude that is the culprit here.

Here are reasons why you should love Mondays and look forward to them….

• As much as you love your partner, two days of being cut off from the real world is enough! Can you really get through more lazy days without clawing each other’s eyes out? Doesn’t familiarity breed contempt?

If you live with your in-laws, you should appreciate Mondays more than anything! However peaceful your family may be, you still need some time out for yourself. Weekends take that away from you. Our humble Monday gives that back to you. Isn’t that great?

For housewives, Mondays have to be a blessing! After the weekend full of cooking, washing, cleaning and taking care of husband and kids, Monday comes as a respite.

For working women, are you not sick of not doing anything? Lets face it, if every day were a Sunday, would you appreciate it that much? We need Mondays to be able to appreciate Sundays.

You meet your friends at work/college after the weekend. Don’t you look forward to meeting them and sharing your weekend experiences? I bet you would want to tell them about your hot Saturday date.

Monday is the day of new beginnings. You probably start new projects, new assignments and other things on Mondays. How can that be bad?

So get out of bed, go for a walk, greet the sun, greet your partner, greet your friends, and smile- every Monday!

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