It is a well known fact that we form impressions about people within 5 minutes of meeting them, often lesser. What do people learn about a person within a few minutes of meeting them? Not a great deal, of course. But without having much information, impressions are formed based on body language, expressions and appearance. If you know how this works, you can easily make people form great first impressions about you, and get to like you eventually!

Tips to Make People Like You Instantly

1. Smile bright. People can see how fake or genuine your smile is. Smile often and smile bright, let people see the smile in your eyes. This is the first positive vibe you give out as soon as you meet people. They sense that you are pleased to meet them if you smile bright and wide.

2. Work on the shake! People can judge how trustworthy you are just by the way you shake their hand. A light limp handshake is conidered to be the sign of a slimy, dishonest and untrustworthy person. At the same time, do not crush someone’s hand when you shake it. When you shake hands, make it a firm grab, applying pressure similar as the other person.

3. Be attentive. So avoid checking your phone for messages every minute! Make direct eye contact when talking. This shows the other person you are interested in what they are saying. Lack of eye contact says you find them boring and would rather be elsewhere.

4. Let them talk. If you keep talking non-stop, it means you are self absorbed and egoistic. You do not care for opinions of other poeple. But letting the other person talk means you consider them interesting and are really interested in knowing their views and opinions.

5. Crack a joke! This one is the most important. Humour can break walls of ice in no time. If you want someone to like you, show them your sense of humour.

The simple fact is that people like those poeple who like them. So if you seem genuinely interested in someone, they are likely to respond in kind!

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Lavanya Mehra


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