You must have heard people say that you will get Diabetes if you eat too much sugar. Is it true?

Though sugar is not a direct cause of Diabetes, experts do link excess sugar consumption with the elevated risk of Type 2 Diabetes. How does this work?

When you consume too much sugar, a lot of it is stored as fat in your body. Excess body fat and weight is a risk factor for developing Diabetes!

Sugar consumption in excess also causes the fatty liver disease and insulin resistance, leading to onset of Type 2 Diabetes.

Experts say that the sugar found naturally in fruit is processed slowly and is not as dangerous. But on the other hand, table sugar is extremely dangerous. It is said that consuming a sweetend beverage daily can increase the risk of developing Diabetes by 25% This is why sugary drinks are considered to be the enemy! What makes matters worse is that these drinks are not only delicious, but are also habit forming and addictive. So it is best to keep your family and children away from sugary drinks and sweet foods.

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Lavanya Mehra


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