Most people believe that diet sodas are their friends in the war on obesity. If you are trying to lose weight, is it really a good idea to replace your colas with diet colas? Does it help in weight loss? Recent research has come out with results that will shock you. In a couple of different research projects, the results have come out to be the same.

Diet colas or diet drinks do not help in weight loss. In fact, they interfere with weight loss, and may even lead to weight gain. People who drink diet sodas gain 6 times more weight as compared to people who don’t. Now you may wonder how this is possible, since diet sodas do not contain any calories. This happens because diet sodas that contain aspartame increase the appetite and inhibit the brain’s capacity to realize when to stop eating.

Another reason is that when you have a diet soda, you are likely to eat crisps, pizza, burgers or other similar snacks with it. That adds to weight gain. Though the science is not very clear with proof that diet drinks increase weight, it is amply clear that such drinks do not help with weight loss.

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