Every second elderly person in India seems to be battling diabetes, the disease is so rampant that we have now started to expect it to strike almost everyone after 50 years of age, if not earlier! But is this really how it has to be? Can we prevent diabetes, or do something to delay it’s onset? Yes, because diabetes is not necessarily a part of life. Our forefathers did not suffer from it, so basically we are doing things in the wrong way and we need to change those things.

How to Prevent Diabetes

A lifestyle change is the only way to prevent diabetes because it is a lifestyle disease. We need to start eating healthy, and get regular exercise. One does not work without the other, both these things have a big role to play in fighting this killer disease.

One thing that can aid you in fighting diabetes is regular medical checkups. Everyone over the age of 40 should get annual medical check ups done so that all health problems can be detected early.

Proper sleep is very important for good health and fighting diseases. Sleeping very late is another lifestyle habit that we should give up and go back to “Early to bed and Early to rise!”

Timing and spacing your meals is very important. Two people consuming the same food items and same calories can have completely different effects on their health just because of difference in th timing and spacing of meals. It is important to have a large number of very small meals throughout the day. This keeps you energised and regulated the blood sugar levels.

Smoking and drinking are bad habits that put you at risk for various lifestyle diseases like diabetes. So try to give up or at least control these habits.

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