If you are even slightly overweight, you surely question the fairness of it. Some people hog all they want, yet they never seem to put on weight. On the other hand, there are unfortunate people like yourself, who pile on the kilos in spite of dieting endlessly. Right? If you wonder why your best friend consumes more calories than you and yet weighs much lesser, the answer lies in your metabolism.

What Is metabolism? Metabolism is the consumption/burning of the calories you consume. Your body needs energy to sustain and perform various activities during the day. This is why it burns off the calories you consume, converting them into energy. But the rate at which calories are burned off, varies from person to person. Some people burn a lot of calories even while sitting. These are obviously your thinner friends. But there’s no need to worry. You can also improve your metabolism by taking a few steps.

How To Boost Your Metabolism?

Build Muscle: Muscles burn more calories as compared to other tissue. If you have a muscular body, you will easily burn off more calories than otherwise. So go in for weight training and develop some lean muscle. Don’t Go Hungry: For your body to metabolize the calories optimally, it is essential to feed it regularly. The best way is to eat small light meals at short intervals. So skip the “3 heavy meals” funda and go in for smaller 6-8 meals every day. Break The Fast: To rev up the metabolic machine that your body is, eat a healthy breakfast within an hour of waking up every day. Skipping breakfast can only make your FAT. Refined Foods: All refined and white foods like white flour, white rice, white sugar, pasta etc are loaded with sugar. Consumption of these foods increases blood sugar levels to a very high level, causing many health disorders. It is better to consume foods with a low glycemic index, so that the sugar is released into your blood slowly. Go for whole grain foods and chuck the sugar. Honey/jaggery are two sweet options you can consider. Spice It Up: Hot and spicy foods are known to boost metabolism. So chuck the candies and go for spicy Indian stuff. Drink It: Drinking loads of water throughout the day is very essential for good health, more so for your metabolism. Water helps in flushing out the toxins. Drinking 2-3 liters of water every day eliminates water retention from your body. Rest & Be stress Free: Getting a good night’s sleep and remaining stress free are two important factors that affect your weight and metabolism. Make sure that your body is as well rested as it is well fed. Green Tea: Research shows that green tea helps in boosting the metabolism. Give it a try.

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