If you are a working mom that has only a copule of days to plan her angel’s birthday party, this article is for you! Balancing jobs, home and kids is not easy. So it is possible for many parents to keep delaying the party fever till the D-Day is almost there! What do you do when there is so much to be done and you don’t know where to begin?

We bring you a few tips to carry off a kid’s party with aplomb!

1. Plan a kid’s party, avoid turning it into a social even for families. This will not only reduce the work that goes into planning a party, it will also increase chances of success. Kids are easier to please!

2. If you did not send out invitations on time, just make some calls and send pictures of invitations to the parents.

3. Spend some time on planning games and activities. Search online and you will find games and activities of many kids, some can be arranged in a short time too. Plan games and activities so that the kids are engaged and interested!

4. Arrange your party at a mid-meal time for example, at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. If you plan a party late in evening, you will end up having to arrange dinner for everyone – the kids and their parents who come to pick them up!

5. For food, keep very simple snacks. Pizza, pasta, chips, sandwiches, juice and cake. This is a great spread for kids! These items are also quick and easy to prepare or buy.

6. Even if you like to bake, don’t get into baking the cake for this occassion. You will end up spending a lot of time on it and it may not come out as you plan. So just order one or buy a pre-made cake from any bakery.

7. The last thing to plan is the return gifts. Buy some gifts bags and fill them up with candy, chocolates, small toys and stationary items. 

8. At the time of your kid’s party, rearrange the furniture and create open space for the kids to play games and enjoy. 

9. Buy a stack of paper plates, paper cups, tissues and plastic spooks/forks. This makes sure you don’t spend too much time cleaning up after the event!


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