If you think popular comedienne Bharti Singh has been looking much slimmer recently, you would be correct! Bharti Singh has indeed lost 16 kilos in 10 months. Her stunning transformation has surprised many and people are wondering how she made this possible? Did she go Keto, or did she run all the weight away?

Ending all speculation, Bharti has revealed her weight loss secret. She is neither going Keto, nor running all day to lose the flab. All she is doing is follow intermittent fasting. You must have heard many people talk about their experience with intermittent fasting. This is a great way to eat because this is the only diet strategy where you can eat anything you like and still lose weight. This style of eating does not restrict your calories or restrict certain food groups like other popular diets. All intermittent fasting does is restrict your eating window. A typical intermittent faster would eat their first meal of the day between 12 and 1 pm, and the last would be done by 6 or pm. So there is only a 6-8 hour window within which you eat. As long as you are within your eating window, you can eat anything. But you cannot eat anything outside the eating window.

The benefit of following intermittent fasting is that it is very sustainable long-term as it allows you to eat whatever you want. Bharti Singh has already lost 16 kilos by just eating within the restricted window, and so could you!

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