As people talk about environment, the topic of plant based diets also comes up. A plant based diet is considered to be environment friendly. But it is also considered to have benefical long term effects for your health. How is a plant based diet better than a diet that includes animal products?

Benefits of Switching to a Plant Based Diet

– Since fruit and vegetables are high in fiber content, they are easy to digest and help in maintaing good gut health.

– Animal products in the diet are linked with cardiovascular diseases and early death. Vegetarian foods like Oats, Beans and Barley are known to improve heart health and reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases.

– Plant based diets have been found to reduce risk of Chronic diseases like various cancers and Type 2 Diabetes.

– Plants based diets are also easy to lose weight with. It is a misconception that you need to eat lean meats to lose weight. You can get enough protein from plants too and it is easier to lose weight with.

The only argument in favour of non-vegetarian diet is that some people are hooked to the taste and cannot get over it. But with the investment and research into plant based alternatives, even this argument is fast fading away!

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