If you think that Yoga is a ‘soft’ and ‘gentle’ way to exercise the body, and is meant for the frail and elderly, you are WRONG! There is an extremely agile and vigorous form of Yoga that can tire you out in less than 15 minutes – this is Power Yoga.

Power Yoga is a way to improve overall health and fitness while focusing on improving core strength. The main difference between this form of Yoga and the traditional Yoga is that Power Yoga is more flowing in nature. You flow from one pose to the next and the workout is more dynamic in nature. The workout is still linked with breathing, but the focus is more on the motions your body goes through.

There are many benefits of practicing power yoga every day. The first and foremost if the ability to lose weight quickly. This is accompanied with increased stamina and core strength. Power Yoga involves strength training using your own body weight, so this results in stronger muscles. Like other forms of Yoga, power yoga also results in increased flexibility, mental tranquility and better mental health. All these are reason why you should consider power yoga as your holistic way to fitness!

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