Dried fruit and nuts are very popular during the winter season. From halwa to chikki, nuts are everywhere! The good thing about nuts is that they are full of healthy fats and provide the much needed calories in this season. Though may people prefer almonds, it is Walnuts that are the best for your health!

Benefits of Eating Walnuts Everyday

Walnuts provide a good kick of protein. Eating 7 walnuts gives you 4.3 g of protein, which is not bad at all! Along with this protein, you also get 1.9g of fibre. The 18.5 g of fat you consume with 7 walnuts is all good fats. You consume 185 calories with 7 walnuts, full of protein, fibre and good fats. These 7 walnuts provide you 2579 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are great for good health of the heart, liver and kidneys. They help in reducing inflammation and fighting disease. You also consume a good dose of Vitamin E when you eat these 7 walnuts.

Because of all these nutrients, walnuts are a great choice for dieters and the elderly. So enjoy wanuts everyday!

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Lavanya Mehra


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