Eating nutritional food items is the need of the time. It is important that we make the extra effort to add value to our balanced diet for its advancement. All brightly colored fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants – compounds which play a key role in shielding our bodies – but many naturally purple-colored vegetables contain a certain antioxidant called anthocyanin. These are beneficial plant pigments which give fruit and veg their deep red, purple or blue hues.

Let’s take a deeper look into these purple nutritional veggies. Here are few benefits of eating more purple vegetables:

  • Purple foods kill cancer: Purple veggies constrain the spread of colorectal cancer in animal studies. Many researches have shown that resveratrol can induce cancer cell death in cases of prostate, breast, skin, liver, lung and blood cancers.
  • Proper digestion: The purple veggies are best for us when it comes to maintaining nutritional aspect. These brightly colored spuds share the same taste as their orange siblings but are also filled with anthocyanin, which aid digestion and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Induces vitamins in abundance: Purple vegetables are rich in vitamin B, which improves, skin, hair and nails. While this may not make you run to the nearest shop, so also know that purple veggies has also been praised for its laxative properties, and has been used since the Roman times to improve bowel movements. It’s also great for the immune system, as its rich in vitamins A, C and K.
  • Purple foods are good for the heart: Purple veggies lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol by up to 13 percent while raising “good” HDL cholesterol. Wild raw berries have higher antioxidant content than fresh raw berries or frozen varieties.

So, since now you know the reason for eating purple colored veggies, go and buy some if you do not have them in your kitchen.


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