Arthritis is considered to be a part of the agening process. As we grow older, our joints begin to become stiff and painful. The motion of joints becomes limited, and often bones become disfigured. With a healthy lifestyle, one can certainly delay the onset of these symptoms. But when these problems do strike, how would you deal with them?

Ayurveda has many tips that help in living with Arthritis. As you may be aware, Ayurveda views any health problem in a wholistic way. So pain in joints is not just that. Ayurveda treats the patient in a more wholistic way by evaluating overall health and fitness of the patient. Arthritis is ascribed to sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor metabolism. So Ayurveda tries to fix these root causes in order to treat your joint pain and inflammation.

– Avoid eating acidic food.

– Jowar, bajra and wild rice are better for health as compared to white rice and wheat.

– Green vegetables like lauki, turi, karela, spinach and drumsticks are beneficial.

– Start your day with fresh fruit like apples, guava and papaya.

– Make ginger, garlic and tumeric a part of each meal. These food items are held in high esteem by Ayurveda because of their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

– Incompatible foods like milk and fish or milk and gur should not be consumed together.

– Avoid sour curds as they are acidic in nature. Enjoy a glass of buttermilk with crushed garlic everyday.

– Lead a healthy lifestyle with Yoga, meditation, plenty of rest and regular exercise.

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Lavanya Mehra


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