Yoga, breathing exercises, weight training, resistance training, sports..each activity has a legion of fans who swear by the beneficial effects of that activity. But one things that has traditionally been associated with weight loss (and rightly so) is athletics! 

All athletic activity works on the body by burning calories and exercising the muscles. Combined with a reducing diet (controlled calorie diet), we end up burning more calories than we actually consume on any given day. This results in weight loss, fat loss and also inch loss. Athletic activities work very well on all body types. The only downfall is that it requires stamina and for people who are new to working out, the first things required is stamina building. But slowly you will begin to see some tangible results.

The best athletic activities for weight loss are swimming, jogging, kickboxing, running, skipping rope, walking lunges etc. The key is to integrate a lot of different things into your weekly schedule so that it never bores you.

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