Sizism is not a much talked about issue, because the victims are so embarrassed of their size that they’d rather shove the humiliation under the carpet, and act as if nothing has happened!

But Sizism does exist, nevertheless. It is up to you to fight it and assert your basic right of dignity and respect. It is important to fight Sizism, whether it is being dished out to you, or to someone else. But opposition of Sizism should not be misinterpreted as encouragement of obesity! Obesity is a disease and you MUST take all possible steps to get out of this morbid situation.

Fighting Sizism

Stop Hating Yourself: Learn to love yourself for all the wonderful qualities you have, instead of hating yourself for being fat. Nurture your potential and never underestimate your own capabilities. This is the first step towards fighting Sizism. After all, if you hate yourself, you are also discriminating on the basis of size!

Ask For What Is Rightfully Yours: If you feel you deserve to be promoted, do not let your size stand in the way. If you are being denied this promotion, go and ask your superior why. If your boss is not able to give a convincing answer, raise this issue with HR and lodge an official complaint in the company’s records. Should size be allowed to determine whether a person is capable of handling office work or not?

Express Your Anger: Why do all those salesmen get away with whistles, winks and exchange of smiles when obese women try out clothes? It is simply because nobody complains. In spite of feeling humiliated, fat women just do not stand up for themselves due to fear of further humiliation and embarrassment. Do something about it. If you find yourself in a similar situation, immediately confront the guilty salesman and do not forget to lodge an official complaint.

Opt For Healthy Living: Being fat does not mean that you cannot aim for good health! Now, don’t start contemplating your next reducing diet! Diets never work. Stop thinking in terms of “weight loss”. Start thinking in terms of “good health”. Take up good habits like walking, swimming, jogging, playing sports etc. Control what you eat.

Find Like-Minded People: Fat people are often lonely as well as alone! The reason is lack of self-confidence and fear of humiliation in social interactions. Form a supportive community of people who care for you, or are in a similar situation themselves. Together, all of you can battle this! Fighting Sizism is like fighting fever.

You can fight and get rid of the symptom, but the disease will still be there. Discrimination on the basis of Size should never be tolerated. But at the same time, you should also be trying to attack the underlying disease itself. For information on weight loss and healthy living, read our third and final article in this series. Till then, Love Yourself & Be Happy!

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