“Sizism? What the hell is that?” Isn’t this exactly what you are thinking right now? No, darling! It’s not a typo or a spelling error. Sizism is a brand new term doing the rounds these days.

What Is Sizism? After “Racism” and “Sexism”, there is another “ism” torturing people all over the world. Differentiation on the basis of SIZE is called “Sizism”. Fat People are considered to be inherently funny, lazy, incapable, ugly and stupid. So if people mock you just because you are a few sizes too big or too thin, you are a victim of Sizism.

Are You A Victim? You are a victim if:

• You are not allowed (or are discouraged) to participate in sporting events at school/college.

• You are not invited to parties, picnics and other activities as often as your peers.

• Your friends, colleagues and neighbors get their daily dose of entertainment out of cracking “fat” jokes and mocking you.

• The clothes store does not have any clothes to offer you!

• All shopping stores and catalogs call your size “Plus”, clearly shouting out that you are not “Normal”.

• The store staff sends you to the basement when you ask them for clothes in bigger sizes.

• The attending staff at the store exchange smiles as you look for jeans and trousers in your size.

• You do not get promoted at work while your peers do. In spite of putting in the same (or more) effort, your benefits, salary and status in the organization remains lesser than your peers.

• You are rejected at a job interview because of your weight.

• Your opinion of yourself is largely woven around your size. It is based upon the opinion of others around you. You consider yourself ugly, unattractive and dumb.

The world seems to have recovered from the evils of Racism. But Sizism is yet another form of discrimination that is tormenting people all across the globe, especially children. Today it is not politically correct to crack jokes about blacks, blondes, mentally challenged, gay or lesbian people. But sadly, it is absolutely fine to crack jokes about fat people. Think about it, don’t fat people deserve equal rights, respect and decency? In our next article in this series, we will explore further the issues related to Sizism and will also investigate ways of dealing with it. Till then, Be Happy and Love Yourself!!!

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