The biggest problem that most young parents face today is to teach their children some basic manners. Manners are very important because a well mannered person can open doors that may not open for the most qualified, and ill mannered, person. But how do we teach manners to our children when it seems nobody else displays any manners around us? This is the dilemma parents face today. Not only they have to teach manners to their kids, they also have to make sure that their children do not learn bad manners or abusive language from their peers.

The only way to teach manners to your child is to teach by example. If your child sees you saying Thank You and Sorry at every possible ocassion, she will learn to use such polite words herself.

Here are a few basic manners you must teach your child:

1. Sating Sorry and Thank You, without differentiating between people on the basis of their financial or social status.

2. To not use stuff that belongs to other people without seeking their permission.

3. To always wait for your turn instead of clamouring for attention even though other people have been waiting longer than you!

4. Avoid raising your voice or screaming, even on the phone.

5. Eat without making a mess, and with your mouth closed. Avoid talking while eating.

6. Share your toys and other goodies with your friends.

7. Be helpful and kind to everyone around you.

8. Greet people with a warm smile and be polite to everyone.

9. Hold the door open for person coming in, especially if she is carrying things.

10. Always return books and other things that you borrow.

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