Medical experts say that cancer does not discriminate on the basis of age or gender. This is true for breast cancer also. All you can do is try to understand the risks and the possibilities of prevention. 

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Who Is At Risk Of Breast Cancer
1. The risk increases with age.
2. Women are at higher risk for breast cancer.
3. High breast density increases the risk.
4. Family history of cancer increases one’s risk.
5. Personal history of cancer increases the risk.
6. Radiation treatment received during youth puts one at higher risk.
7. Not having children increases the risk moderately.
8. Having the first child after age 35 increases the risk moderately.
9. Alcohol consumption increases  the risk slightly.
10. Weight gain post menopause also increases the risk slightly.
11. Prolonged use of birth control pills increases the risk.
12. High blood estrogen/androgen levels post menopause also increase the risk slightly.

The only way to prevent breast cancer is to take good care of your general health. So avoid gaining weight, get plenty of exercise, eat a good natural and well balanced diet that has the least amount of toxins in it. If you take care of these little things, they will go a long way in reducing your risk of breast cancer.


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